Agenesis of the seventh cervical vertebra with spinal cord compression in a goat

Lílian Gregory, Laura Cristina Sant’Anna Henriques, Juliana Silva Nogueira, Camila Freitas Batista, Alice Maria Melville Paiva Della Libera, Silvana Maria Unruh, Natalia Carrillo Gaeta, Stefano Carlo Filippo Hagen


A 4-year-old male goat was presented to the Hospital of Bovines and Small Ruminants, University of São Paulo - Brazil, showing fasciculation in all limbs, ataxia progressing to paralysis and opisthotonos. After determination of the vital parameters and the specific evaluation of the nervous system, sensitivity in the region corresponding to the sixth cervical vertebrae (C6) and first thoracic vertebrae (T1) was observed on palpation. Further investigation using X-ray, myelography, and ultrasound revealed the decrease of the intervertebral space between C6 and T1, the presence of spondylosis and the absence of the seventh cervical vertebra (C7), which contained only the vertebral arch and local spinous process and the compression of the spinal cord. Goat congenital malformations are underdiagnosed, therefore, requires further discussion, and studies regarding the genetic variations.


caprine; congenital malformation; small ruminant.

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